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Film Processing

Brian McKee

Our film developing department is doing the whole range of film developing. We are familiar since years with all existing film developing processes, like black&white negative, black&white slide film (AGFA SCALA), Color negatives (C41 process), slide films (E6 process) and special films like Rollei R3 and Kodak Technical Pan.
Since many years we work together with the Lomography Company and so we have special know how for Lomography films films like Lomography Xpro200 slide film. The Lomography X pro slide film works with the AGFA RSX 200 emulsion which leads to great & intense colors doing cross processing (means process the slide films as a color negative film in C41 process).

All Black&White films & Color Negative films will be developed in dip & dunk machines, to avoid any scratches. All processes are permanently supervised and under observation using Kodak testcharts (special films with pre-exposure) Our film processing lab does also process very rare film types as advantix and minox films, instamatic & pocket films – type 110 and 126 also sheet film up to the size of 8×10″.


We are using chemistry of the company Tetenal type Neotenal Liquid for Black & White film processing and E6 slide processing and C41 chemistry of the company FUJI Hunt. We offer 24 hours turn around and express service on request. AGFA Tetenal films and Kodak Technical Pan approx. 1 week.


New in our lab: TETENAL ultrafin t-plus b/w fine grain developer.



  • Scan packages in different sizes: each frame:
    4 MB/18 MB/70 MB
  • Hi-Res Scans using IMACON X5 oder IMACON 848 Scanner
  • 24 hours turn around and express service on request

Prints-small sizes

  • Prints in the sizes 9×13/10×15/13×18/15×22/20×30 cm
  • Surface matt or glossy or metallic
  • We use Kodak Royal and Fuji Crystal Archiva paper
  • 24 hours turn around and express service on request

Contact sheets

  • Contact sheets: B&W and Color – contact sheets in 1:1 size (or also bigger)  can be done from all B&W negatives and Color Negatives. They can be done as copy (1:1 size) or bigger – in the size 40×50 cm or 50×60 cm. The whole film is printed on one sheet 24×30 cm,  40×50 cm or 50×60 cm.
  • 24 hours turn around and express service on request.



New: very easy! download PDF file → make a cross in the checkbox → fill in your address → put the film in an envelope and send it to us! You could send us your films very easily be messenger or regular mail: Pricelist as pdf-download


More information in concern film processing:
Foto Leutner helps you, when you need special support for processing. If your films need PUSH or HOLD process, please give us this special information and we would develop the film one or more stops longer (PUSH) oder shorter (HOLD).


Cross Process


Cross Process means, a slide film will be developed as a color negative film, using C41 process. Very strong but slightly changed colors and strong contrast will be the results. We offer this special process for slide films without additional costs. When not being a experienced user of cross process development, please ask our staff for help & explaining the process.