Photo reproduction & facsimile printing.


Reproduction & Faksimile printing of paintings/billbords, maps and other originals


We are helping, when you are having original art pieces, paintings, drawings, vintage photo prints, historic books, old maps and similar artworks and you need the works to be scanned. Or even when you do not have a negative or a slide we can digitize an existing photoprint and then print the image again as reprint in the same or different size.
The original works can be scanned or shot with a digital medium format Hasselblad 50 MP camera or when you would like some analogue negatives, slides or ektachromes, we are still working on these classic photomaterials.
You would bring in your original photos, books, maps, paintings and we will get for you digital TIFF images or analogue negatives, slides or ektachromes.

  • Digitizing artworks (shot by a digital medium format 50 MP Hasselblad or scanning.
  • Shooting Ektachromes/slides from original artworks, paintings, drawings.




We are scanning with Imacon X5/Imacon 848 or A3 size flat bed scanners Microtek ScanMaker 1000XL or Epson Perfection V750 PRO.



Digital shots/Digitizing

Paintings, drawings, large size vintage photography works, maps we are shooting with a Hasselblad H4D 50 MP. For all the reproductions & digitizing work, we are using a vacuum metal wall in our studio, so we do not do any harm to the original artworks.
Maximum size: 150×300 cm




If you need 135 or 6×6 slides from digital data for a projection using a classic Kodak Carousell projector or similar LEITZ projectors, we work on classic 135 mm or medium format films for your slides. The digital data will be transferred to classic Fuji & Kodak slide film.


Duplicate slides

We duplicate your slides in 1:1 size or bigger or smaller – 4×5″ ektachromes to 135 mm or medium format duplicates as example. We duplicate slides or ektachromes from 24×36 mm to 4×5″ ektachromes.