Exhibition Gregor Sailer – KUNST HAUS WIEN

UNSEEN PLACES: Inaccessible landscapes, sealed-off territories or restricted military areas: In his works, Gregor Sailer shows surreal architectures at the margins of human civilisation.

KUNST HAUS WIEN is dedicating its first major exhibition in Austria to the photo artist. Sailer’s images open up access to the world of fakes, copies and backdrops and question these sometimes absurd excesses of our contemporary society. Gregor Sailer’s works require months of research work and stays under extreme conditions, for example in the Arctic at minus 50 degrees.

Duration of exhibition: 15.09.22-19.02.23

Production of photographic works: Foto Leutner
Gregor Sailer takes analog photographs on flat film 4x5inch – the negatives were scanned in high resolution and then exposed as C-print and laminated on Dibond plates.

More information about the exhibition: here!